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Bowdoin Reunion
Social Media Scavenger Hunt!


Complete these six tasks and get an exclusive Bowdoin polar bear souvenir!

Use TWITTER (or INSTAGRAM) to do the following:

  1. Follow @BowdoinCollege on Twitter (or @BowdoinCollege on Instagram)
  2. Tweet a photo of yourself with the Polar Bear mascot, use hashtag #BowdoinReunion
  3. Tweet a photo of yourself with a friend you haven't seen in awhile. Use hashtag #BowdoinReunion
  4. Tweet a photo of a Bowdoin icon (your interpretation). Use hashtag #BowdoinReunion
  5. Tweet a photo of the most unique piece of Bowdoin apparel or swag that you can find. Use hashtag #BowdoinReunion
  6. Answer the question (with photo or text), "What Makes Bowdoin Bowdoin?" Use the hashtag #MakesBowdoinBowdoin


Let us know that you've finished by sending a direct message to @BowdoinCollege or emailing We'll send you a special photo that is your code to pick up your souvenir at the Reunion Welcome Center.