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Winter 2017


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Note, March 10, 2017: the winter issue is off press and will arrive in mailboxes over the course of the next two weeks.


A Green Touch to the White Glove Test
By Beth Kowitt ’07 - Photographs by Karsten Moran ’05
No speck of dirt or fleck of dust is safe from Saudia Davis ’00, founder and CEO of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning, an award-winning New York City company lauded for its environmental and social conscience as well as its meticulous eye to detail.

Hawthorne-Longfellow in the Twenty-First Century:
A Q&A with Bowdoin Librarian Marjorie Hassen
On a recent visit to campus, Meghan Detering ’07, librarian at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, visited with Bowdoin Librarian Marjorie Hassen to talk about how Hawthorne-Longfellow Library varies today from the version that many alumni might recall.

New Maps for These Territories:
The Arctic Council Comes to Maine

By Lincoln Paine - Photographs courtesy of the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum
As the Arctic thaws before our eyes, it is revealing the region’s mysteries, untapped potential, and innumerable hazards in ways that are redrawing the world map. Last fall, due largely to the enduring links to Arctic peoples forged by Bowdoin students, professors, and alumni, Maine became the venue for the 2016 Arctic Council Meetings.

Outside of the Zone
By Deepak Singh - Photographs by Fred Field 
Now in its ninth year, the Outing Club’s Outside of the Zone (OZ) program has been wildly successful training new student leaders who have limited or no previous outdoor recreation experience. Writer Deepak Singh, himself new to Maine and a novice in the outdoors, accompanied the latest group of leaders-in-training on their winter expedition for an immersive perspective on the OZ experience.


Past Features

Spring/Summer 2015:
Bowdoin Says Goodbye to Barry Mills 
As President Barry Mills prepared to step down after fourteen years, we set out to look back this period in Bowdoin's history through the eyes of those who know the College best: faculty, alumni, trustees, students, staff, and members of the local community. We asked for essays from people who would have different perspectives. What we didn’t realize at the outset is just how many of these people would trace the strength of Bowdoin today to the accomplishments, vision, and sheer energy and enthusiasm of Barry Mills. We only had room to print excerpts of the essays in the magazine, but we are able to include the full text here.

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