75 Years of the Meddiebempsters

     Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012

See pictures of the Meddiesbempster's 75th Reunion.

Dear Meddies:

We want to sincerely thank all Meddies who attended the 75th anniversary reunion and concert on October 20. What a great day is was!  We particularly want to thank the following people who served as musical directors for the era groups:  Pete Race, Steve Hays, Art Ostrander, Dave Sherman, Jeff Macel, Matt Loosigian, Jack Wilkinson, Mike Krohn. and Will Tucker.  There were great performances from each era grouping and each of you each deserve special thanks. The evening concert went smoothly and the musical quality was at a high level throughout, allowing each one of us to not only recall fondly our days on campus with the group, but also to relive for a day those close friendships and close harmony!

In celebration of this 75th anniversary milestone we accomplished a great deal in terms of creating a archive of Meddies music with well over 40 scores and virtually every known Meddiebempster recording and original artwork that will be permanently placed in the library.  If you did not have a chance to purchase a re-issued recording over the weekend, there is still opportunity to do so (see below).  As a reminder, all of us will receive a copy of the Reunion Concert recording as soon as it is finished.  We are tentatively aiming for a December 15th mailing date.

We want to let you all know that we now plan to move to a formal Meddiebempster reunion every five years.  We realize that a successful reunion only happened because we had over 90 Meddies willing to travel great distances to participate and that any future reunions will only be successful if we make that same commitment. Therefore scheduling gatherings more often could compromise the quality of the events.  If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement on the organization for future reunions, please respond to Sarah (scameron@bowdoin.edu) and we will give any suggestions every consideration.

The next time we will get together formally will be in 2017 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the group.  We hope each of you who attended this year will be able to join us then and perhaps we can also entice some new faces to join us as well.  Meanwhile, Brothers, Sing On!

Tony, Art, and Sarah

Choral Music Scores
The following choral music scores are listed for all the songs that will be sung by the complete group.  Click on title to download as a PDF.

All reunion attendees will be mailed a copy of the 75th Reunion Concert Recording.  We hope to have these available by Dec. 15th, 2012.  Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 207-725-3478 or alumni@bowdoin.edu with questions or if you'd like to purchase additional copies of the recording.