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Spring/Summer 2015 


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Bowdoin Says Goodbye to Barry Mills
Academic institutions are built very much on ceremonies, but there isn't really a ceremony for sending off the president who is stepping down. So we asked members of the Bowdoin community to write a short essay for us about Barry and the achievements of the past fourteen years. What we got back is inspiring and heartwarming and funny. We were only able to print excerpts from the essays in the magazine, and we're proud to feature each of the full essays here online.

Sacred Spaces
By Lisa Wesel - Photographs by James Marshall
Professor Carrie Scanga uses the slow process of printmaking "to pin down the fleeting," and the end result is beautiful.

Leaving the Late Show
Photographs by Jeffrey R. Staab and Bud Glick  
Emmy Ward-winning writer Matt Roberts '93 has an unbelievably short resume, which he's currently shopping. Fellow comedian Hari Kondabolu '04 met Roberts at the famed Ed Sullivan Theater to talk about Bowdoin, comedy, and his long run with David Letterman. This is an extended version of the interview that appeared in print.

Walk-Ins Welcome
By David Treadwell '64 - Photographs by Fred Field
Local barber Leo Desjardin has a unique perspective on the College, and he just may know Bowdoin better than anyone.

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