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Spring/Summer 2016


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Note, June 28, 2016: the spring/summer issue is just coming off press today and will arrive in mailboxes over the course of the next two weeks.


Coast-to-Coast Collaboration
By Kathryn Miles
A revolutionary approach to science instruction at Bowdoin—an immersive program called the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester—is providing students hands-on learning and concentrated study, widening the reach of the College’s Coastal Studies Center and creating formative learning experiences for a new crop of scientists.

Thoreau’s Maine Woods
By Tess Chakkalakal - Woodcuts by Blue Butterfield ’92
In late summer 2015, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and English Tess Chakkalakal accompanied a group of students on an Orientation trip into the wilderness of Baxter State Park to retrace Henry David Thoreau’s epic journey through the Maine woods.

By in a Blur
Photographs by Bob Handelman
We speed through our days and marvel at how fast it all passes, but there is a timelessness underneath it all. Like the Androscoggin River over the dam—not the same rushing water at any given second but always the same river—the composition of Bowdoin is changing constantly but remains, always, Bowdoin.

From Watergate to Spotlight
By Scott Allen ’83  
In the Cassidy Lecture he gave on campus in March, journalist and Boston Globe Spotlight team editor Scott Allen ’83 talked about the role of investigative journalism in democracy, and he wrote an essay based on that talk for Bowdoin Magazine.

The Unfinished Journey of Bill De La Rosa '16
By Mel Allen - Photographs by Heather Perry 
A Truman Scholar and the Hispanic Scholar of the Year, Bowdoin senior Bill De La Rosa's academic career has been distinguished by national awards and honors. What also distinguishes him is his resilience and determination to succeed in the face of formidable family struggles, including his father’s illness and his mother’s deportation to Mexico.


Past Features

Spring/Summer 2015:
Bowdoin Says Goodbye to Barry Mills 
As President Barry Mills prepared to step down after fourteen years, we set out to look back this period in Bowdoin's history through the eyes of those who know the College best: faculty, alumni, trustees, students, staff, and members of the local community. We asked for essays from people who would have different perspectives. What we didn’t realize at the outset is just how many of these people would trace the strength of Bowdoin today to the accomplishments, vision, and sheer energy and enthusiasm of Barry Mills. We only had room to print excerpts of the essays in the magazine, but we are able to include the full text here.

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