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Fall 2016


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Note, November 21, 2016: the fall issue is just coming off press today and will arrive in mailboxes over the course of the next two weeks.


Founding Principles:
American Governance in Theory and Action
By Andrew Rudalevige
Bowdoin’s Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government writes about a series of fifteen short videos that provides an overview and basic understanding of the foundations of American government.

An Intimate Introduction
By Edgar Allen Beem - Photographs by Bob Handelman
What do Cleopatra, James Bond, Jane Austen, utopian communities, nongovernmental organizations, young adult novels, and the US Supreme Court all have in common? They are among the thirty-seven first-year seminar topics the members of Bowdoin’s Class of 2020 had to choose from during registration for fall 2016.

Getting a Leg Up
By Rebecca Goldfine - Photographs by Dennis Griggs
From Osborn Ng’imor ’18 building a library in Kenya to Satya Kent ’19 studying beavers in Washington state, Bowdoin’s funded internship program helps students pursue unpaid summer internships.

Taking Charge
By Anne Stein - Photographs by Fred Field and Bowdoin Athletics 
College sports are supposed to be fun, but leading close friends can be a challenge. A new program is teaching Bowdoin’s team captains how to be effective leaders, on and off the field.


Past Features

Spring/Summer 2015:
Bowdoin Says Goodbye to Barry Mills 
As President Barry Mills prepared to step down after fourteen years, we set out to look back this period in Bowdoin's history through the eyes of those who know the College best: faculty, alumni, trustees, students, staff, and members of the local community. We asked for essays from people who would have different perspectives. What we didn’t realize at the outset is just how many of these people would trace the strength of Bowdoin today to the accomplishments, vision, and sheer energy and enthusiasm of Barry Mills. We only had room to print excerpts of the essays in the magazine, but we are able to include the full text here.

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