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Winter 2018

Note, March 2: The winter issue of a redesigned Bowdoin magazine will be in the mail soon. We're working on our spring/summer edition now, so send us your news.


Rallying Portland
By Katy Kelleher
Photos by Tristin Spinski
Barrett Takesian '12 is changing students' trajectories with an innovative urban squash program.

Ask Bowdoin
Forget searching the web—when you really want to know the answer to a question, you need to ask an expert.

As Maine Goes
By Ed Beem
Photos by John McKee

In 1966, a seminal photography exhibition opened Maine's eyes, and the country's, to the need for environmental change.

Q&A: Dana Spector '08
The literary rights agent talks about turning books into TV shows and movies.


Geoffrey Brown '74

Malia Wedge '98

Elizabeth Lee '10

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