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Winter 2015 

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A Bowdoin Grad and the End of the Duel
By Lorry Fleming
How a Bowdoin graduate helped bring about the demise of an unfortunate tradition.

Making It
By Beth Kowitt ’07 - Photographs by Karsten Moran '05
Combining key ingredients—a cup of Bowdoin, a splash of moxie, and a pinch of novelist—Lidey Heuck '13 has whipped herself up a dream job with celebrity chef Ina Garten.

Beyond the Language Lab
By Sara Anne Donnelly  
A savvy faculty thoroughly integrates technology into a field many wouldn't expect: the study of Romance languages.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
By Michaela Cavallaro
A generation of alumnae pass the Bowdoin experience on to their daughters.

"Slinging the Ink": A Musical Mystery Tour
An online exclusive By Anthony Antolini '63 
Anthony Antolini '63, senior lecturer in music, has uncovered the mystery surrounding the origins of an old Bowdoin favorite, the melody "Beneath the Pines," often better known as "Slinging the Ink."

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